Black Forest with Black Cherries

I usually eat this cake crazily during Eid ul-fitr, an Islamic celebration after one month of fasting. My sister usually makes ones for family and friends, and hers is always the best black forest cake I have ever had! Unfortunately, the one I made today was not from her recipe. However, I still managed baking a nice choc cake for this black forest cake, even though in different version from hers. In my opinion, it is just too sweet and chewy for a black forest. I will try her recipe next time soon! As I will not celebrate this year’s Eid ul-fitr at home :(.

Ingredients A:

250 gr unsalted butter
3 tsp instant coffee
350 ml hot water
3 tsp vanilla essence
220 gr dark cooking chocolate
450 gr caster sugar

Ingerdients B:
220 gr self raising flour
150 gr plain flour
40 gr cocoa powder

Other ingredients:
2 eggs
whipped cream for decorating
1 can black cherry in syrup
dark chocolate for decorating
fresh black cherries for decorating
3 tsp rum essence

1. Mix all ingredients A in a sauce pan in medium heat until dissolved. Set aside and wait until warm.
2. Shift all ingredients B.
3. Beat mix A with low mixer speed and put eggs one by one to the mixture. After the eggs are mixed well, start to pour ingredients B bit by bit to the mixture and keep the mixer speed low. Pour the mixture to a greased 24 cm baking tin.
4. Put it in the pre-heat oven with the temperature of 140 degree celcius and bake for and a half hour. When you insert a tooth pick and it comes out clean, it means the cake is ready. Set the cake aside at least 30 mins.
5. Slice the cake horizontally into three layers. Mix 100 ml syrup from the canned cherries with rum. Brush the first layer of the cake with this rum mixture to soften the cake. Arrange the cherry on top of this first layer of the cake and cover it with thin layer of the whipped cream. Then, put the second layer of the cake and repeat the brushing step. Once again, cover the second layer with whipped cream. Finally, put the third layer and repeat the brushing step. Cover the whole cake with the whipped cream and decorate it with dark chocolate and fresh cherries as you like.