Traditional Crispy Fried Duck – Javanese

Crispy fried duck is a traditional dish originated from East Java. Bebek Goreng H.Slamet (Fried Duck of Mr.Slamet) is a well-known place to eat crispy fried duck and currently has some branches in some cities in Indonesia. Above photograph is taken at one of its branches in Bali. A new branch outside Java. The duck is very crispy outside, especially if you order the ‘remuk’ (broken) one, and also tender. The sambal (chili paste) is just perfect for chili lovers. This is quite recommended for you who like crispy duck and spicy food. It is served with two kinds of sambal (sweet & salty) and free vegetables. However, you still can enjoy the duck without sambal if you don’t like spicy food, as it is served separately.