Nasi Gudeg & Liwet Danukusuman, Bali

My boyfriend and I often have dinner at this place if  I don’t have time to cook or don’t feel like eating at home. It’s a place which offers traditional foods from Solo, a town in Central Java. It’s a modest place to eat, with affordable price and cozy for having chit-chat with friends. Like this evening, I ate Nasi Gudeg andmy boyfriend ate Nasi Liwet.  They are actually almost the same, the only difference is the vegetable side dish. While Nasi Gudeg is white rice served with slow-cooked jack fruit, chicken and egg, Nasi Liwet is white rice served with chayote (Sechium edule) in coconut milk, chicken and egg. Nasi = Rice. I drank Ronde which is traditional hot ginger drink as you can see on above pic (the one in a white bowl). Hmm…yum! It’s located on Imam Bonjol Street, Denpasar. If you came from Raya Kuta, it is right before Carrefour on your left hand side, there will be a food court area. After turning left, pass the food court area and you will find the Danukusuman approx. 50 meters from the main street. It is best for you who live in Bali and missed Jogja (Yogya) or Solo traditional foods. It also serves other Solo/Jogja traditional foods such as Bestik Jawa, Selat, Gado-Gado, Sosis Solo, Tahu/Tempe Bacem, etc. And all in affordable price, range from Rp 5,000 – Rp 8,000,-  :-).