Kip a.k.a. Chicken – by Clare Ferguson

I bought this book about four years ago in the Netherlands when I was a bit crazy about chicken at that time. This is why the book is in Dutch, but I believe that there is an English version of this book as well. Even though my Dutch is not really good, I still can understand well the cooking vocabularies (an important thing for life at that time), hahaha.

I loved to create any dish with chicken as the main ingredient. The savory taste from chicken is such an easy combination for other ingredients either in sweet, sour, spicy or salty dishes. The first try from this book was the one on the cover which was very attempting for me and made me to buy this book :-D. My first try on Chicken Kiev was as good as it looks on the cover of this book :-). I think the step-by-step section in this book is really helpful, especially for beginner. The photographs are also very well presented as an appetite stimulant. The dishes are really ‘international’ as mentioned on the title. They are varied from western to eastern traditional dishes.