Sunday Home Cooking

It was a few weeks ago when I really missed Mie Ayam Pangsit Baso Komplit :-D.

Mie = Noodle ; Ayam = Chicken ; Pangsit = Won Ton ;  Baso = Meatball ; Komplit = complete

The secret key to get the savory taste of Mie Ayam is the chicken oil. It comes from the chicken skin. Put the raw chicken skin on the pan over medium heat until the oil is extracted from the skin itself. No need to add oil or any other ingredient to get the oil out of the chicken skin. You can add garlic during the extracting process to give flavor.


*Chicken Oil: chicken skins, garlic, fish sauce

*Sweet Chicken: chicken fillet, mushroom, garlic, sweet soy sauce, salt, pepper, sugar

*Chicken Stock/Sauce: chicken bones/feet, fish ball/meatball, bokchoy/pakchoy, salt, spring onion

*Main ingredient: Thin noodle or you can replace by any kind of noodle.

*Additional/Optional: Wonton (pangsit)


*Chicken Oil: Read the secret key on previous paragraph

*Sweet Chicken: Cut the chicken fillet into small cubes, set aside. Thin slice the mushroom, set aside. Stir fry the garlic with a tablespoon of vegetable oil until fragrant. Add the chicken fillet and keep stirring until cooked and add the rest of the ingredients. Don’t forget to taste it. The taste should be sweet.

*Chicken Stock/Sauce: Bring the chicken bones/feet into boil. Remove the foam from the fat that usually arise when you bring meat into boil.
Add the meatballs and season the stock. Also boil the chopped pakchoy/bokchoy in half a minute in the stock and drain it. Do not overcook the pakchoy/bokchoy, otherwise it will be bitter. Add the chopped spring onion to the stock to give fresh flavor and fragrant.

*How to Serve: Mix well the cooked noodle with the chicken oil. This is to give flavor to the plain noodle. Put the flavored noodle in a bowl. Scoop 2-3 tablespoon of the sweet chicken & boiled bokchoy on top of the noodle. Pour in the hot chicken stock over it. Also add wonton, sliced chilli and fried shallots if you like.