Warung Mina – Ubud, Bali

This was my hubby’s treat for his birthday. The birthday was a week ago, on May 30th. He turned one year older and I think he hasn’t changed a lot :-). He always likes this place, even though the food is not quite special for us. We both like the ambiance and view. You can really feel Ubud’s atmosphere by sitting in its bamboo hut which can be found upstairs. Yo can see the stairs on above photograph which will lead you to the huts area. If you chose to sit in the hut, you can enjoy the fresh breeze most of the time which cannot really be found if you sit downstairs .

This was our fifth or sixth-time we eat in this restaurant. The menu is mostly Indonesian traditional food with a bit of Balinese taste. We usually have grilled black tilapia or prawns which will be served with sambal matah (raw Balinese sambal), pelecing kangkung (water spinach) and white rice.