Spicy Aceh-Noodles

This is one of my favorite foods and my hubby’s must have meal for at least once a month :). This traditional food is a bit difficult to find in Bali. Thus far, I only found & tried two places. Both of them are on Jalan Sesetan, Denpasar. The one I like is ‘Mie Aceh Bangladesh’, in front of the Ramayana Dept. Store. I don’t know why it’s called Bangladesh anyway :D. Most of the time I have ‘Mie Tumis Udang’ or ‘Stir-fried Noodle & Prawn’. It’s very spicy and juicy. The strong smell of grind sun-dried chili is always rises my appetite. But for people who don’t like spicy or strong food, they won’t like it at all. The companion of this noodle is shallots pickle (typical Indonesian pickle), sliced cucumber, and melinjo crackers/emping.

This restaurant only offers a few range of Aceh cuisine. Basically they only serve fried rice & noodle in Aceh traditional recipes. But my hubby said that the foods are good enough compare to the original ones. The prices are also reasonable and even very cheap for tourist or foreigner (Rp 10,000,- up to 15,000,-).